German power

Understanding the German power market

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20-21 November 2013

Day 1:
09.30 -17.00 seminar
19.00 networking dinner

Day 2:
09.15-15.30 simulation

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam,
Piet Heinkade 11, 1019 BR Amsterdam Netherlands

Price and booking options:
Seminar, dinner & simulation: EUR 1450
Seminar only 20 Nov & dinner: EUR 790
Simulation only 21 November: EUR 690

The price for the event includes workshop, documentation, lunch and coffee breaks. VAT
is not included in the price.

If you have any questions, please contact
Linda Ottosson, Montel AS

Email: linda@montel.no
Telephone: +46 (0)8 668 2560


German power


This seminar is tailor-made for traders, portfolio managers or analysts wanting to gain insights into the drivers of prices and policy in Germany's power market post election.

On day two, the trading simulation workshop allows you to put your knowledge into practice by stepping into the shoes of a German energy trader.

You can book and attend the seminar and simulation workshop either in combination or separately.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam this winter!


Seminar: Wednesday, 20 November

Understanding the German power market

Introduction and presentations held
by Konstantin Lenz, Lenz Energy.

Seminar: 09.30-17.00

Characteristics of German power production and consumption
- The timeline of the nuclear decommissioning
- Conventional power production
- Production out of renewable sources
- EEX transparency website
- The Energy transition and its long-term consequences

Calculation of short-run marginal costs
- Calculation parameters for lignite, hard coal and gas power plants
- Traded versus oil-linked gas prices

Electricity grid
- Grid structure
- Scheduling and balancing energy
- Cross-border exchange and market coupling

Power trading and price developments
- Price-driving factors
- Power trading in Germany
- Historic developments and characteristics
- Potential impact of expanding renewable energy sources on
spot price profiles and market design
- Cold spell in Europe in winter 2011/12
- The mild and windy Christmas 2012

Market integration of renewable energy sources
- Feed-in tariffs
- The market premium model

Germany´s energy policy post election
- Election result and the future government
- Current structure of electricity supply for households and industry
- Current problems of the energy transition
- Targets and intentions -potential impacts of the new government's policy

The course will be held in English language

Simulation: Thursday, 21 November

German energy trading simulation
- Be a German energy trader for a day

Simulation: 09.15-15.30

Step into the shoes of a trader on the German energy market and face the real challenge of making split-second decisions in ever-changing market conditions with profits at stake.

No trading experience needed
Participants with minimal or no trading experience, but a desire to understand how energy trading works, can take part.

Gain valuable knowledge from energy trading
Everyone working on the periphery of the traded power market – either at authorities, media organizations or in middle- and back office roles like management, IT, generation, regulation, sales, marketing and communication will gain valuable knowledge and hands-on trading experience.

Interactive and practical approach
Via co-operation with NCE Smart Energy Markets and Marlin – the leading provider of energy trading simulations in Europe – Montel allows you to put into practice what you learned in the German electricity market seminar the day before.

You will be working with simulations used extensively by the major utilities, including Eon, RWE, Vattenfall and Statkraft.

Simulation programme includes:
- Trading warm up exercise
- Overview of short-term energy markets
- Spot price bid exercise/ results and discussion
- OTC Trading part 1-2 (fundamentals)
- OTC Trading part 3-4
- Merrit order, Mifid II

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Lecturer day one:

Konstantin Lenz, Managing Director of Lenz Energy has specialised in market modelling and analysis as well as on consulting on trading and hedging strategies for the German gas and power market. He studied power and process engineering and received a doctoral degree for his research work in the field of thermodynamics.

He started his career in European liberalised energy markets in 2002 and has held positions at Electrabel, Markedskraft and Kom-Solution.  Lenz has many years of experience in analysing, modelling and forecasting the price developments in continental European power markets.

Lecturer day two:

Christian Kunze, Director of Studies at NCE Smart energy Markets.
Christian Kunze is currently director of studies at NCE Smart Energy Markets and founder of CK Consulting. He has many years of practical experience from the European electricity, gas and carbon trading market. Prior to joining NCE he held positions as director of Dutch power trading at Avelar Energy and was a senior originator at Shell’s energy trading division. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at energy industry events all over Europe. He is also a guest lecturer in commodity management at the International School of Management in Dortmund, at Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe and at FINEC in St Petersburg.

What previous participants said about the seminar:

"The Understanding the German electricity market seminar gave us a good overview of the fundamentals driving the German power market. It was a good opportunity to re-think and refresh knowledge about factors influencing prices in Germany. Besides the content itself, Montel events are well known as an good opportunity for a nice and friendly chat with people from the industry."

 Jan Zakrajšek, senior trader at Elektro Energija.

"The German energy market simulation workshop was interesting as we could act as energy traders. We were also very satisfied with our personal results of these practices, in particular because we had no trading experience and were surrounded by real traders."

Boris Dokmanovic and Ante Mikulic, Croatian energy market operator Hrote