Technical Analysis
for energy traders & portfolio managers

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4-5 December 2013

art'otel Budapest
bem rakpart 16-19
h-1011 Budapest

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Technical Analysis


Key learning points:

» Charting techniques and price analysis:
   Candlesticks - patterns and combinations
» Learn more about Fibonacci: Numbers and utilisation
» Calibration of indicators and combining the tools
» Trading strategy design, position sizing and optimisation


Day 1: Wednesday, 4 December


09.00-09.30 Registration and morning coffee


Price analysis: Candlesticks - techniques and combinations
- Introduction and history of candlestick
- Trading according to candlesticks

- The most important patterns
- Support and resistance levels - how to identify and use?
- Combining western technical indicators with candle charts
- Reducing risk with candle charts
Tom Høvik, Head of analysis, Montel AS


11.00-11.30 Coffee/break



Intraday trading techniques  and trend analyses
- Why these are important and work for the energy markets
- How to trade up, down and sideways-trends
- Characteristics of different trading methodologies
- What information/signals to look for?
- Typical traps and how to avoid them
Tom Høvik, Head of analysis, Montel AS


12.30-13.30 Lunch

Fibonacci, Elliot waves, cycles and indicators

- Fibonacci - numbers and utilization
- Elliott waves - meaning or menace
- Cycles - seasonality and influence
- TA-indicators and calibration

- Ichimoku cloud charts

Henrik Mikkelsen, Senior partner, Strategy & Investment Management


15.30-16.00 Coffee break


TA Applied: How to utilize the tools and tactics
-Trend vs. noise - AKA trading vs. hedging

Henrik Mikkelsen, Senior partner, Strategy & Investment Management


19.00 Conference networking dinner


 Day 2: Thursday, 5 December


Workshop: 09.30-15.00


09.30-11.30 (including 30 min coffee break)

 Position sizing and money management techniques
- Psychological traps - streaks, gamblers fallacy, sunken cost, prospect theory, disposition effect.
- Characteristics of trading methodologies
- Effect of draw downs, R-multiples, expectancy and opportunity.
- Position sizing techniques - units per fixed amount of money, equal units, percent volatility, percent risk, the markets money.

Attendants will also have the opportunity to play ”The marble game”,
an awakening experience for both new and seasoned traders.

Johan Ginyard, Psychologist, Operantor


Risk- and position management in energy trading
Henrik Mikkelsen, Senior partner, Strategy & Investment Management

12.00-13.00 Lunch


Case study: Practical usage of Technical Analysis
in energy portfolio management
Henrik Mikkelsen, Senior partner, Strategy & Investment Management  (Previously Head of portfolio management at Vattenfall)

13.00-15.00 (including 30 min coffee break)
Trading strategy design, position sizing, optimisation
and back testing

Frank Svarholt, Head of sales & finance, TradeNode AB


About the speakers:

Tom Høvik, Head of Analysis, Montel AS
Tom Høvik is director of Montel’s analysis division, which comprises  technical analysis (TA) of the power and emissions markets. He also runs courses on Technicala Analysis, which have been attended by numerous participants from different markets throughout Europe. He is based in Bergen and has been with Montel since the start of 2000. In his previous career Tom worked as a market maker, trader and portfolio manager in various markets - such as forex, salmon and power. He is also a member of the Scandinavian Association for Technical Analysts  and TA has been his main practical market tool since 1985


Henrik Mikkelsen, Senior partner and strategist,
Strategy & Investment Management

Henrik Mikkelsen has worked in the investment and commodity industry for more than 20 years as a market maker, portfolio manager, market analyst and consultant with Vattenfall, Nordea and Danske Bank. He currently holds positions as Senior Partner in Strategy & Investment Management, Director of Sales and Trading at Interkom Coal plus works as the Swiss Representative for Intalus. He is also an active member of the SAMT (The Swiss Association of Market Technicians) and several international TA societies and have taught theoretical and applied Technical Analysis for more then 10 years and mastered on the subject in 1993.


Johan Ginyard, Psychologist and Partner,
Johan Ginyard is a Certified Psychologist specializing in behavior modification, focusing on individual and on organizational behavior and performance, especially in demanding environment. Previously, he has served in the Swedish Air Force, both as fighter pilot and psychologist, and is still connected to the aviation industry. Since 2000, he is an active partner in, running the successful portfolio of pension investments within the Swedish national premium pension scheme (PPM).

Johan Ginyard also has an affiliation with the Stockholm School of Economics as a PhD student. His research areas of interest are in the field of financial risk perception/management.




Frank Svarholt, CEO, TradeNode AB
Frank Svarholt has been active with design of trading systems for over 20 years and has extensive experience in programming, creating and implementing systems for automated trading. Previously Frank run his own software company, reselling many of the most popular technical analysis programs on the market.



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